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2023-01-24 00:08:46


This is a continuation of the The Cheerleader Carwash Caper story.

The story's characters are fictional and are 18-years old. The idea for this story came from cheerleader car wash pictures someone shared with me a few months ago. A picture really is worth a thousands words or more.

This article is fantasy and not real. Don't try this for real, or you may suffer an adverse change in your life status.

I apologize for the lateness of this chapter, but health and work have taken up my time. So here goes Chapter 2. Please enjoy!

Previously: As I was about to retire, I came upon a high school cheerleader carwash. I quickly dominated sweet, little Emma the cheer captain. With her help, I kidnapped two of her teammates. Now camped out in my R.V. in the middle of nowhere, I enjoyed Emma and am now ready to dominate and rape her two friends.

The Characters:
EMMA: 5'2, 32b, 100 pounds, 5.5 Feet, Cheer Captain and Tennis
SOPHIE 5'4", 122 pounds, 36d breasts, Size 6.5 Feet, Violin and Swimming
BREE 5'6" 134 pounds, 34c, size 7 feet, Martial Arts and Field Hockey
BOBBY THE KIDNAPPER: 5'11, 188 pounds, Dark Hair, 58 years-old, Retired
Mercenary, Thief, and White-Slaver

The next morning, Emma and I woke up and just cuddled, with her hand playing with my cock and balls. She talked about her background (cheer captain and tennis player with 4.1 GPA) and that she was already taking nursing courses part-time so she could become a midwife someday. Then she informed me about Sofia (Violinist, 4.3 GPA, and college music scholarship), and Bree (martial arts champion, field hockey, and 3.2 GPA).

After a quick shower sex which involved me fucking Emma while she had her arms and legs wrapped around me, I sat in my captain's chair drinking coffee. Emma made breakfast, naked and with soft clamps on her nipples and labia. She was humming some pop song.

At my feet were Sofia and Bree, both still dressed except for their bare feet. The girls fettered into a strict hog-tie, and their cheer bloomers were in their mouths. I even zip tied their big toes log ether. Painful clamps were secured to their nipples and pussy-lips. Inside of their panties, vibrators were lodged against their pussies carefully so that I could still take their cherries later.

"Hi girls, did you sleep well last night? I know I certainly did. By the way, your team captain is one great rape-fuck. But you already know that don't you, you cheer slut," I said with enthusiasm followed by a hearty chuckle. The look in their eyes went from tired to pure hatred.

"Well, today is your lucky day, sluts. I'm going to rape the crap out of you. All three of your virgin holes are going to be raped, and if you're lucky, both of you are going to get knocked up too!" I said with a smile.

The look in their eyes went from hate to defeat. Good! Another hour of bondage and they should be docile enough for the stripping and fucking they were going to do in front of my camcorder.

After breakfast, it was time to process Sofia and Bree the same way I did for Emma. The two bound girls had not any water or food since yesterday morning. That was part of my usual plan on breaking slaves. It leaves them weak, and therefore dependent on me for their survival.

Looking back now, I admit I should have been more cautious, but I thought that hours in a tight hogtie and lack of food and water would have sapped the energy and will of ant teenage girls.

I was wrong. As I approached the two bound cheer girls, they had already spat out the cheer bloomers that I had gagged them with yesterday and were whispering to each other.

I cut the ropes off Bree, and Emma began to help her stand up. Next, I began to cut the ropes on Sofia, and helped her up. That was when that fiery redhead and martial artist Bree made a try for freedom.

Bree gave me a side kick to the chest which knocked me back towards the driver's seat.

"Let's go Sofia. Run!" Bree shouted.

Sofia followed Bree to the door. Bree popped the door open and took off running. To my amazement, the much slower Sofia was tackled to the floor by Emma, and the failed escapee had her wrists cuffed behind her. Sofia tried to twist Emma off her back, but the smaller blonde refused to let go and began to cuff Sofia's ankles.

"Sir, go get Bree! I got Sofia," Emma advised.

I walked to the door, and saw Bree running barefooted as fast as she could. Unfortunately, she was running west which was away from the seldom-used highway that was 18 miles away to the East.

"Come back here, you dumb bimbo! Where you going Bree? There isn’t any where for you to go! Now get back here, and I'll take it easy on you, you stupid slut. It's dangerous out there!" I shouted.

The insipid cheerleader flipped me the middle finger and kept running.

"Sir, what about Bree? She is running to get help!" Emma said worriedly.

Just then there was the sound of thunder with rain sprinkles.

"It's okay. She won't get far," I smiled as I closed and locked the door. Emma looked at me like I was crazy.

I grabbed Sofia and bent her over the kitchen table. My hand grabbed her gym shorts and panties, and Sofia yelled and twisted as I pulled them down to her knees.

"Emma, grab the leather flogger in the red drawer. Good. Now spank your friend's ass,"
I said with my eyes burning into hers.

"Uh...mmmm...yes sir!" Emma hesitated for two seconds, and then she began to whip Sofia's ass.

"Sofia...you...you selfish bitch! I'm going to whip you so hard that you will never again disrespect Our Man! " Emma yelled.

I thought I would have to reproach Emma for plying the flogger too lightly, but my girl went all psycho on her friend's ass. So much so, that I had to tell her to let up some. I didn't want Sofia's lovely skin to be all marked up permanently. After a dozen strokes, Sofia was begging hysterically for the whipping to stop.

"Will you be a good girl, Sofia Slut? Will you obey me and Emma?" I asked her as I grabbed her vulva and squeezed hard.

"AAAIIEEE! Yes, I swear. I'll obey you both. Please just don't hurt me anymore!" she cried out in pain.

Emma pulled up Sofia panties and shorts, and sat Sofia down in front of the camcorder. The beaten girl moaned in pain when she sat down. Just as with Emma, Sofia was made to give her personal information, and was forced to strip naked.

As directed, she spread her legs and pulled her labia open so her hymen could be verified on camera. I couldn't help but notice that Sofia's nipples were hard, and her pussy had a damp sheen. Interesting! Was our little cheerleading violinist a pain slut too?

I pulled her off the loveseat and tied her wrists behind her back with silk rope. Then she was pushed her to the nearest rope and hook. I hooked her bound wrists and cranked the rope up until Sofia was bent over at the waist and up on her toes.

She was now in Strappado.

Without being asked, Emma took off her nipple and pussy clamps and put them on Sofia. The bound cheerleader moaned in pain, and began to cuss out Emma.

I grabbed Sofia's hips and slammed my cunt-taming cock into her damp virgin pussy.

Sofia screamed in pain and shock as I popped her cherry. The bitch was tight so I only got halfway in.

I pulled back and slammed almost all the way in.

On the third try, I yelled out, "Take it all, slut!" as I power-shoved my cock in hard enough to enter her cervix.

I brutally fucked the blonde cheer slave, making sure I was burrowing into her cervix. The pain for her must have been too much for her as Sofia screamed and begged for me to stop. She did everything she could to escape her rape, but it was all in vain as she was in strappado bondage.

After about 15 minutes, she had screamed herself hoarse, so I changed tactics. I now rubbed her g-spot with each thrust and played with her clit. She now grunted with each thrust, but not for long as she moaned like a slut in heat and even began to shove back at me.

Emma got on her knees and began kissing Sofia while pulling on her friend's nipple clamps. Then unexpectedly, Sofia's vaginal muscles put the super squeeze as I penetrated her cervix again. Hot loads of egg-seeking swimmers shot through her cervix and flooded her uterus. I pulled back and slammed into her again. This time feeling some more give, and my cock-head kissed her uterus. What a stud feeling! I never get tired of it!

Before raping Sophia's virginity out of her life, I had Emma lay out Sophia's cheer bloomers and French-cut panties so I could use them to clean my cock. The underwear joined Emma's set tacked to the wall over my bed. The garments were proof of the taking of virgins, and that I was still in the ranks of real men.

After inserting a dido into her cunt to keep my baby-makers in, I walked around front and shoved Emma out of the way. I grabbed Sofia's hair and told her to suck my cock which turned out to be something that Sophia was terrible at.

"You worthless slut! What kind of cheerleader are you anyways? You can't even suck cock right!" I shouted as I slapped her twice. Sophia now cried hysterically, and I felt the sudden need to humiliate her even further. Beautiful teenage girls, especially cheerleaders, gymnasts, and drum majorettes, are arrogant mean bitches. You need to repeatedly rape, beat, and verbally abuse them a lot before they become compliant, eager sex slaves. Trust me on this!

That is except for my dear Emma who I hadn't figured out yet at that time. She submitted to me meekly from the moment I first grabbed her and kissed her. Weird!

I adjusted the ceiling rope so that Sophia was bent further up. My hands grabbed her 36d melons and used them to squeeze my cock. Sophia's first titty-fucking was now in progress with my thumbs strumming her clamped nipples. She moaned in pain as I squeezed her breasts to cause her as much pain as possible.

"Do you get it now, Sophia Slut? You could have had the pleasure and honor of sucking your Master's Manhood instead of him having to use your big hooters to get hard again. Are these tit bags even real?" I roared.

Then I felt Sophia's body jolt. I looked up and saw Emma using her fingers to stick bacon grease up her friend's ass. How did that she know where I was going next?

Emma leaped out of the way as I fast-walked to Sophia's ass and shoved in. The 5'4" tall blonde cheerleader screeched as I ass-raped her like a maniac. I reached around and twisted her hard nipples. Emma got down on her knees and was fucking Sophia's pussy with the dildo.

"Yeah Sophia, you think you're some high class cheerleader princess who's a good church girl and who plays the violin. You even think you got a golden pussy, too good for us regular guys. But we know that isn't true. All you are is a cheap skank who gets off on being raped and abused knowing that you're going to be a baby momma for your rapist. Tell me what you really are! Whore! Sex Slave! Slut! Skank! Say it, or I'll beat you senseless!"

"I'm a Whore! I'm a Sex Slave! I'm a Skank! I'm a Sluuuuu...oh yessss!" Sophia screamed and trembled as she orgasmed so hard she passed out. I shot my load deep into her rectum, then pulled out and slumped onto the loveseat. I felt light-headed, yet sated for now.

'These teen cheer bitches are going to kill me using their sex,' I wearily thought.

Maybe I bit off too much. I could sell Sophia to my cousin who lives near my ranch in Wyoming. That fiery red-head Bree could go to that slime-ball Gonzalez who would delight in breaking and using every perversion he could think of on the rebellious cheerleader.

"Do you want me to tie her legs up to the ceiling like you did me so she gets pregnant?" Emma asked with a smile, and I answered with a nod.

Dear Emma, you are so eager to please. But why?

Emma ankle-cuffed Sophia's ankles and pulled and tied them up to the ceiling rope. The sleeping blonde now had a sperm lake in her uterus and tubes. Good for her!

After 30 minutes, I told Emma to release Sophia and get her cleaned up which she did dutifully. I got up and joined them in the shower where I delighted in molesting their prime teen girl bodies.

Later on, two blonde-haired, naked cheer goddesses were sitting on the floor between my legs. Sophia was getting cock-sucking lessons from me, while Emma caressing and licking my balls.

There was a knock on the door. Shit, now what?

Emma got up like a rabbit and opened the door before I could react. Damn it! The girl is naked except for that cheerleader ribbon in her blonde hair. What if it's a stranger knocking? This would be hard to explain. I've got to tell Emma to be more discrete if she wants to continue as my #1 girl.

"What do you want, you stupid traitor!" Emma yelled.

"Who is it?"

"It's that traitor bitch Bree, sir."

I got up and stepped out, my manly body naked and with a bit of a pot-belly.

Bree was a mess. Her cold rain-soaked body was shivering, and I could tell that hypothermia was setting in. Her skimpy cheer car wash outfit was torn, and her bare feet were muddy and had traces of blood. There were scratch marks on her arms and legs.

"What do you want, bitch? I thought you wanted to be free? Well, you're free now so get the fuck away from here."

"Ple-please I-I ne-need hel-help! Le-let mm-m-me ba-back! Pl-please!"

It was hard to understand Bree with her teeth cha-chat-chattering.

"You aren't worth saving. Emma and Sofia are good slave girls. You made your decision to escape, so get lost."

Her face fell. She looked like a nearly drowned kitten.

"But I tell you what. You're supposed to be some hot-shot girl martial artist. Maybe it is Gymkata or some other crap. You beat me, I let you and your friends go at the nearest town. You lose, you become my devoted sex slave forever, and I rape your virginity out of you with my big cock."

Bree looked down and seemed mesmerized by my big, erect snake pointing at her. She swayed a bit, and her legs rubbed together a little.

"I already raped your friends, but you can still bring them home, even if they're probably pregnant."

"Pre-preg-n-nant?" her eyes were wide open. I noticed her right hand rubbing her womb.

"No way! You do whatever you want Bree, but I'm staying with you sir!" Emma shouted.

Sofia mumbled something that sounded like "Yeah", whatever that meant.

"So, what do you want to do, slut?"

"O-o-k-k-kay!" Bree got into a fighting stance, but she looked shaky. Maybe if she was in full form, she might have beaten me, in theory that is. But as a former mercenary soldier, there's no way I would have lost in any scenario against a bimbo teenaged girl, black belt or not.

It was over in a minute or less. Her punches and kicks lacked energy and speed, but most of all seemed to be missing conviction. I pulled my punches as I delivered a punch to her gut and a knee to her forehead. Down she went.

I pulled Bree by her long, red hair into the R.V. and locked the door. I shoved her to the other two girls and told them to get her cleaned with a warm shower so I could fuck her later. Then I sat in my recliner and took a nap.

Sofia woke me with a worried look on her face. I looked at the clock and saw that I had been asleep for two hours. Bree sat on the loveseat with her now cleaned, yet still torn clothes.

"Get naked, slut!"

From her body language, I could see that she was angry and humiliated as she stripped off. Here was also a sense of heat in her. Bree liked the humiliation. She put her size 7 feet on the loveseat and pulled open her labia. There was her intact precious cherry waiting to be busted.

I pulled her over my lap after tying her hands in front of her. I caress and squeezed her asscheeks. Occasionally, a finger would wander down to her pussy meat which caused her to try to squirm away.

"Every time I spank your ass, you will count and say 'Thank you sir!' You will always address me as Sir or Master. You got it?" I said.

"Yes, I do sir!"


"One. Thank you sir!"

I spanked her ass hard for 14 times more. Bree howled in pain, but kept count respectfully. When I was done, the tough girl was sobbing. I shoved her to the floor and yelled at her to get on her hands and knees, then bark like a dog. Bree complied, although very reluctantly. Her friends snickered at Bree's humiliation. Over the years, Bree had told her two friends how tough she was and that she could kick any guy's ass. Guess the loudmouth red-head was wrong.

My foot lashed out to her side making her fall over. I left the chair and stood next to her size 7 feet. My hands grabbed her feet, and I began to go all feet fetish on her. Alternating between her feet, I licked her arches, sucked her toes, and bit her already injured feet.

"What are you doing? Stop that, you pervert! Leave my feet alone!" she shouted to no effect as she yelped in pain when I bit her feet. She giggled when her arches were licked despite her anger and humiliation.

My mouth shifted targets as it kissed, licked, and nibbled as I went up the inside of her legs. Her protests started to lack intensity and gradually changed to moans the further I went up her legs. When my tongue licked her pussy from back to front, she arched her back and shouted something unintelligible. My tongue, teeth, and lips raped her cunt thoroughly. Her hands went to my head not to push me away, but rather to keep my mouth at her womanhood. Her clit was nipped and twirled when she wasn't she wasn't being tongue-fucked. She was pouring out girl juice, and that was my cue.

"Please don't do it! I'm saving myself for my wedding night!" she pleaded.

"You really are a dumb slut. I'm your Master and you’re my slave-girl. This is your wedding night!" I answered as I put my cock tip to her labia.

She looked puzzled by my response, but her face turned to shock and pain as I slammed my cherry-popping rape-club into her halfway.

She began to fight, so I shoved her legs back until her feet were next to her head. That warded off her arms too. it was a savage violation as I pounded her insides like it was raw meat. With someone like Bree, only savage brutal rape of her womb would work on her tough girl persona.

It took much fucking before I broke through her cervix and attacked her uterus. She grunted with every painful thrust. I adjusted my angle of attack so that I was sawing her g-spot and her hips tried to move in sync with my power thrusts.

My cock and her pussy couldn't go any further, and we both came with shouts. It was another fiery experience. I looked forward to physically using Bree again.

Bree laid there a defeated Amazon. I broke her without bondage or whip, but with just a firm hand, eager mouth, and big cock. Bree was a martial arts fighter and a field hockey girl. Torturing her wouldn't work on a girl used to pain. Pleasure from oral and vaginal rape broke open a door into her mind, and that was her undoing.

I put her abused feet together and roped her ankles. Her bound ankles were raised to the ceiling rope, and like her friends' fate, Bree rested on her head and shoulders with my baby-making tadpoles swimming in an egg hunt. I wondered if any my girls might have twins.

Bree's bikini panties and her cheer bloomers were used to clean my cock of the virgin-blood and sex juices covering it. The garments were proof of my taking of another virgin. I moved to where her head was and told the dazed girl to suck my cock which she did without resistance, though weakly.

When I was firm enough, I knelt down next to Bree's ass and slowly inserted by cock into her ass. I fucked her slow going in and fast coming out. Emma and Sophia, at my order, nibbled and sucked on Bree teats despite Bree's protests. Bree begged me to stop since it was so painful, but I think her protesting more about how humiliating it was to get anal-raped rather than the actual physical act. She clamped her ass muscles on my cock as I sawed her ass well. Soon I was cumming up her rectum. She didn't cum, but I didn't care.

Over the few weeks, my three cheer slaves and I settled into a routine. The girls all took turns cooking, cleaning, and taking care of my needs. They were required to be naked at all times, except when I told them to wear something in particular. For example, they wore their bikinis on Wednesdays, and their cheer uniforms, minus underwear, shoes and socks, were worn on Saturdays. All three were chatterboxes, and sometimes I had to go for a walk or sit outside with a book to get some quiet time.

They were always in fetters everyday. Handcuffs or ropes on the wrists and/or 20" ankle cuffs were worn, even when sleeping at night. This assisted other rape activities suck as attaching ropes to their handcuffs and tying them to a rope which I threw over a tree branch. I pulled the ropes up until the girls were on their toes. Then I fucked them from behind while playing with tits and clit. The girls didn't like it, but I did. At night, we all slept on the king-size bed. I could use any girl at anytime.

On some nights, we sat around the fire eating, drinking, talking, and having rape-sex. I would select a girl for rape, lay her down, tie wrists to ankles, and fuck her with vigor. The girls didn't like the rape part as they thought it was mean since everyone was being cooperative most of the time. Using strong words, slaps, spanking, and hair-pulling overcame their resistance, and all parties benefited from the rape activity.

Two and a half weeks after I kidnapped them, the girls were talking about missing their periods. The next day, I thought that they must have gotten some latent stomach flu. They complained of nausea and cramping. Then Sofia threw up in the morning followed by Emily and Bree in the afternoon. Emma suggested that me and her drive to a nearby town and buy pregnancy test kits. She put on a mid-thigh, spaghetti-strapped sun dress and white leather flats and no underwear from her gym bag. It was a 90 minute drive one way. We returned with six kits. Emma helped the girls with the testing.

The sticks turned blue. The three teen cheerleaders were knocked up with their rapist's babies! I stumbled out of the R.V. as the enormity of my actions hit me full-force.

I put my hands on the sides of my head, and wondered aloud: "What the fuck was I thinking of? Kidnapping and raping three teenaged girls and knocking them up? Becoming a father at my age? Dumb ass! What am I going to do now? "

I didn't receive an answer.

Restlessness began to affect me, and I wanted to get back on the road. On the last day, I decided on a hike the rest of the way to the top of the mountain. I told the girls that the hike was a final exam for their graduation into slave hood. I would be filming the whole experience from beginning to end.

The pregnant girls wore their cheer uniforms minus bras and panties. Ropes tied their wrists behind them. Thin, five foot chains connected their slave collars together. Butt plugs and dildoes were inserted into pussies and butts. I had a leash on Emma, and I led the sexually tortured cheer girls along.

When we got to the top, I laid out a 20' by 20' camouflage plastic tarp. The girls then did their cheer routines of cheering and tumbling. Afterwards, I ordered to strip off and do some more cheerleader routines naked. It was a sight that could bust your pants from a big hard-on. Naked cheerleaders doing their routines were mega-hot!

I threw three ropes over a tree limb and tied their ankles together. Ball-gags were added to the girls' look as bondage slaves. I hoisted them up so that they were hanging upside down. They were told to hold their pom-poms. I scattered their cheer uniforms about the ground under them. I got great pictures and video of the slave cheerleaders.

When I was done photographing them, I let them down and removed their bonds. During the entire hike and suspension bondage, the girls never complained, and were even were very cooperative as if to please me. Then we sat down for a picnic with a spectacular view of the valley below. The meal was followed by rape sex for the rest of the afternoon. The girls were bound in a variety of positions and were raped with gusto. When it started to get a bit dark, we did naked selfies and headed back down to the RV. The girls were naked, and their bare feet were used badly by the time we got back. The girls all bore this stoically.

A thought kept hitting me since I took the girls. Why was Emma so....compliant?

I just had to know, but how was I going to ask that kind of a question?

Early the next morning, we were on the road after some camp clean up. There was not a trace we were ever there. The girls were put into 12" leather wrist cuffs, and Sofia and Bree had 6' chains that connected their right ankles to I-bolts in the floor. I told them to wear their cheer skirts and nothing else. Sofia began to teach Bree how to knit baby stuff. Emma was having a bad case of morning sickness and chose to lie down in the bedroom.

After a couple of hours, Emma came up and sat down on the front passenger seat. She was wearing my old football jersey, and that was all. She put her size 5.5 feet on the dashboard and began to paint her toenails red even though she was wearing handcuffs. This was a good time to get my big questions answered.

"Emma, why are you so enthusiastic about being my sex slave? Why did you help me subdue the other girls? Damn it girl, I kidnapped and raped you, and now you're pregnant. I ruined your life."

Emma stopped doing her nails and stared straight ahead. There was a long pause, and she seemed to be alone with her thoughts. Then she spoke slowly in a low voice, each sentence carefully considered and crafted as she spoke freely to me for the first time.

"My life so far has been something most girls’ dream of and can never have. I've been an excellent gymnast since I was six years-old. When I turned 14, I wanted to do cheerleading and eventually became the captain. When I was 16, I won the Miss Teen County pageant and was first runner-up at the state competition. I sing in my church choir and sometimes did solos. The church awarded me the teenager of the year plaque for my volunteer work and teen leadership. I have a 4.2 GPA and have a couple of scholarship offers. Boys adore me, girls hate me. If everyone knew what my life was really like, they would run like crazy away from me."

Tears rolled down her face as she paused, and she used a jersey sleeve to wipe her eyes. Then she continued with mild sobs.

"My parents divorced, and my dad disappeared when I was three. My mom worked hard, took care of me and my sister and brother while doing college part-time. Eventually, she started her own business, and became a millionaire. That's when things began to go bad. Mom met this guy, and she fell in love again. After a year, my mom began to hint about marriage, the asshole said he could never marry a woman with kids and that he wanted a friend with benefits relationship. A few days later, mom saw the jerk making out with some young woman at a night club. After that, mom became a shrew. She went to happy hours and parties, and came home drunk. It turned out that she was a mean drunk. She became verbally and physically to us kids to the point my older brother left for the army the day after graduation. It was constant torture between home and school where a clique of girls led by a girl who came in last at the county pageant made my life hell. My only true friends are Bree and Sofia. Bree even beat up two of the girls after school which helped for a while."

"But surely you have a boyfriend," I said with concern.

Emma laughed bitterly.

"The boys are in awe of me and see me as unattainable. So far I have only been on two dates. The first date with a nice nerd kid was a bust since he was so nervous, he had some seizure, and I had to drive him to the hospital. The second date was with the basketball team captain who nearly raped me. He said that I should be honored that a superstar like him was going to take my cheerleader cherry. If a cop car hadn't pulled up behind us, the bastard would have gotten away with it. After all that, I decided that teenage boys were too immature and erratic for me, and no more high school dates."

I handed her my handkerchief, and she wiped her face. Then she continued.

"Out of nowhere, mom brought home some guy named Gus who was like a dozen years younger than her. Mom said that he was going to live with us. I was shocked. The loser didn't even have a job. It also meant that I would be alone in the house with him during the day. At first things were okay, but then he began touching me 'accidentally' on my butt, breasts, and between my legs. Finally one night, I awoke to find him with his right hand inside my panties and his left hand under my nightie foundling my breasts. I screamed and mom came in. I told her what happened. Gus claimed he heard me having a nightmare. I yelled that he was trying to rape me. Mom accused me of being a liar, and that I hated Gus. Behind her, Gus smirked. My own mother believed a pervert rather than her own daughter. That's when I realized I was on my own."
"So to get away from Gus, I joined this candy-striper summer program and loved it! I decided that I wanted to become a Certified Nurse Midwife. I loved being able to witness babies being born and cared for. I liked helping expectant mothers. I always dreamed of someday getting married and having lots of babies of my own. When I told my mom that I wanted to be a CNM, she blew up at me. She said that I was a fucking idiot, and that if I had any sense in my pea brain, I would go to an Ivy League school and get an MBA so I could join the family business. If I didn't, she would cut me off and kick me out. My grades began to drop, and my mom really piled it on me. And that scumbag Gus molested me so bad and often that I alternated living with at Bree's and Sofia's houses. Not that mom cared about that at all."

There was along pause.

"After that stuff I've been telling you, I went into a depression so bad that I thought about ending it all. Bree and Sofia have been my best friends since second grade, and if it weren't for them talking to me, I would have done it."

She turned and stared at me.

"When I saw you pull into the carwash, I sensed something about you. It was like you were one of those noble barbarian warriors from history. I wasn't supposed to be taking customers in, but I grabbed the clipboard from Kara and ran over to you. When you grabbed my hair and kissed with such force and passion, and then you told me you were going to take me to dinner, and after that you said that you were going to rape me, I nearly swooned. You were definitely no immature boy or groping pervert. Your voice and expression was that of a powerful man who commanded respect, knew what he wanted, and would take it by force if necessary. A Master who would care for and protect his property."

"That was when I decided I wanted to be with you no matter what you did to me. I helped you take Sofia and Bree because you wanted to them to make a harem, and also if I were to become a sex slave, then I wanted my best friends to be with me."

"You know, nobody ever once said I was beautiful. I'm an ugly, worthless, pariah girl. Now that you know my story, if want to drop me off somewhere, I'll understand."

"Emma, you are the most beautiful girl, both inside and outside, that I have ever met in my life. The huge problem is I'm 58 and you're a teenager. That's way too much age difference. So I will release you and your friends at the next big town and give you cash to get home if you want," I offered with a heavy heart.

"I don't care about ages. I'm staying and having your baby," Emma said with a smile.

"Yeah, same goes for me. I'm staying with Emma," Sofia shouted from the back.

"You asshole! You knock us up and now you want to get rid of us. I'm fucking staying here to make sure you treat Emma alright," Bree joined in.

"Then it's settled then. You're not going anywhere Emma. You're my woman now as are your friends. You will take care of me and have as many babies as I order you. The same goes for your friends. While I will rape and bind you endlessly, I will never sell you girls," I said firmly.

Emma slid out of her seat and crawled over to me. All I was wearing was a robe and sneakers. She pulled my robe open and held my cock in her hands. She sucked and licked my manhood with such relish that it was her best blowjob to date. All the time she stared up at me with desire and love. My right hand stroked her soft blonde hair.

I couldn't help making moaning sounds as she blew me with such fervor. When I finally came, my cock was in the back of her throat. It was so intense that I nearly lost control of the RV. My cum shot down her throat, and when it was over, she pulled off without spilling a drop. Emma got back into her seat and resumed painting her toe nails. There wasn't any further conversation.

As we traveled around the country, I continued to tie the girls up in all sorts of positions and rape all of their holes. Morning sickness sometimes put a damper on things, but having three nubile teenaged girls to service me helped. When we slept, I was surrounded by three naked cheerleader slaves who I could fuck anytime of the night if I wanted to.

Sofia and Bree were bound in the RV with an 8-foot chain connected from their left ankles to an eye-hook bolted to the floor and 12-inch handcuffs, unless we were camped out at a remote area because I still didn't quite trust them. And I also found it sexy to see hot teen girls in bondage. When Sofia complained about being chained up too much, I bent her over the table and pounded her pussy until she came. I hadn't cum, so I drilled her ass as she screamed and begged me to stop which I didn't do until I blew my wad up her tight, teen, cheerleader ass. After that, her whining became her way of letting me know she wanted some hot rape sex. Never try to understand girls!

However, on the 141st day of the girls' captivity, my doubts were ended because of a major incident at a bowling alley of all places, and it was caused by a cock-teasing brunette girl.