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A Streaker started it all Part 1

2023-01-21 01:33:41

A Streaker started it all

By Vanessa Evans

Author’s warning – slow start and not much sex but lots of nudity.

The days of slavery did leave one good legacy.


It was in the bad days of slavery when King George III opposed William Pitt’s plans to abolish slavery that a law was passed whereby any woman could be naked anywhere in the country. This law was intended to be for the slave owners to to be able to keep their female slaves naked wherever and whenever they wanted to but who could have predicted that that law could be used in the defence of a female university student who decided that it would be fun to streak a football match four centuries later.

Thankfully, we all know that slavery was finally abolished in the western world but the governments and law makers never got round to repealing the law about women being naked in public.

Part 1

Okay, let’s go back to how all this became relevant.

Angie is a university law student who got a year’s internship at a prestige law firm in the same big city as her university before she planned to go back to university to finish her course and hopefully get a good job in a good law firm.

Anyway, two months into her internship Angie was called into the office of one of the senior partners, a Mr. Edward Whitelock. Angie was a bit nervous as she’d never met the man before and, by all reports, he could be a bit intimidating.

Angie soon relaxed when Mr. Whitelock explained that he wanted Angie to do some research for him. The daughter of one of the firm’s big clients, who just happened to go to the same university as Angie had been caught streaking at a big football match and the client was expecting Mr. Whitelock to get the girl off the charges.

However, the girl was clearly guilty of Public Indecency and it was going to be difficult for Mr. Whitelock to put up a good defence. He considered all the options that he could think of but ruled them all out because the girl clearly knew what she was doing and was of sound mind.

That’s where Angie comes into the picture. Mr. Whitelock tasked Angie with going back through hundreds of thousands of laws that had any relevance to the case in question, in the hope that she could find something that would help with the case.

Thankfully, modern technology meant that Angie wouldn’t be stuck in some library searching through thousands of books many of which wouldn’t have been opened for decades and Angie got comfortable at her desk and started up the search engine on her computer.

Also, thankfully, Angie was good at finding things using search engines as she has the knack of wording her search requests so that she usually found what she was looking for.

The search engine returned many documents with references to lots of the words and phrases that Angie entered and some of the websites that her searches returned could easily be described as pornography. Now Angie certainly wasn’t a prude and she’d looked at pornography a few times and she’d realised that she might just have some exhibitionistic tendencies herself but had always managed to resist experimenting with those tendencies.

However, as more and more erotic stories and videos relating to public nudity got displayed on her screen Angie found it difficult to concentrate on what her original objective was and she found herself reading about girls being naked in public and watching naked girls wander around cities. All of which left Angie quite aroused but she always managed to go back to her original objective albeit with her knickers wet at the crotch.

Occasionally Angie would find a document about a court case relevant to the case in question and Angie would read all about the charges, the defence and the ruling.

After 4 days of searching Angie decided to widen her searching to laws passed further back in time. This proved to be quite difficult as most of the documents were scanned images rather than normal English text and Angie discovered the reason why. Writing styles have changed over the years and the further you go back the more difficult it is for Optical Character Readers to decipher the letters. Even AI struggled to make sense of what was written.

However, Angie discovered a search program that made an attempt to decipher the writing on some of the images and after another couple of days Angie discovered a hand-written document written around the start of the 18th century that included the word ‘naked’.

Angie pulled the document up on her screen and started to try to read it. The writing style was difficult for her to read but she was excited that she may just have found something. Printing the image, Angie went to see Mr. Whitelock and asked him to try to read it.

He studied it and a smile appeared on his face.

“You look excited Angie?”

“I am sir, is that the sort of thing that you are looking for?”

“If I am reading this right, then yes it is. This law was obviously written for the benefit of the slave traders but the way that it’s worded means that all women, not just slaves, are permitted to be naked in public, but don’t start taking your clothes off yet Angie, we need to get this properly interpreted and then search forward from the date that it was written to see if we can find and reference to this law, and in particular, the repeal of this law.

“Sir, with all due respect, what makes you think that I would want to take all my clothes off and be naked all the time?”

“Yes, sorry Angie, it’s just that you have put so much time and enthusiasm into finding something like this that anyone could be forgiven for thinking that it’s something that you had a particular interest in.”

“Well sir I believe in freedom of choice but I have never considered becoming a nudist myself. I just want to do my best in my job.”

“Well if this pans out and you do decide that you want to come to work naked you will be very welcome to.”

“Thank you sir but I doubt that I will ever want to do that. I’ll start the forward search.”

“Thank to Angie, and again, well done.”

Angie went back to her desk and started searching for any reference to that particular document and heading. Whilst she was doing that she couldn’t stop thinking about what it would be like to live naked and when she started thinking about people seeing her naked she realised that she actually liked the idea. What’s more, her pussy liked the idea as well, Angie was squirming in her seat, her pussy getting wetter with every thought of a different man seeing her.

At the end of the working day Angie travelled back to the house that had been her university digs for over a year and where she had managed to keep her room for her internship. Even as she sat on the bus she kept looking at men and imagining herself stood naked in front of them.

By the time Angie got back to her room she just had to get her knickers off as quick as possible before the weight of her juices pulled them down on their own.

Knickers off, Angie lay back on her bed and before she knew it her right hand was rubbing her pussy to a wonderful orgasm.

“What’s wrong with me?” Angie asked herself when she was able to think straight.

Angie thought and thought and finally came to the conclusion that maybe she did like the idea of being naked all the time. But one part of her brain wasn’t convinced and it persuaded her that she should just drop the whole idea, she just wasn’t like that, she was a good girl.

However, the other part of her brain, the bigger part, the part that controlled her pussy, wasn’t happy with dropping the idea and the battle between the 2 parts of her brain started.

When Angie went to the communal kitchen to get something to eat she didn’t put any fresh knickers on under her knee length skirt. She felt naughty but quickly realised that it was quite a nice feeling. None of the other students there treated her any different, in fact one of the guys there told her that she looked happy.

Eva, the other girl housemate invited Angie to go to the pub with her and the 2 guys that lived there but Angie declined the offer saying that she had some work that she had to do, which was true. She wanted to continue her law websites searching.

Back in her room she got out her laptop but before sitting down to start the searching the bigger part of her brain told her to take her clothes off to see what it was like being naked in her room.

Angie’s room is at the back of the house giving her a view of the back of houses in the next street and Angie had never even considered the possibility that someone in those houses may look over and see her in her room. Not that she had planned it, but the front of her wardrobe, where she got dressed, wasn’t visible through her window, so she had never even thought to look to see if someone was watching her, and she didn’t bother this time even though the bed and where she was sat at her little desk was visible from the window. What’s more, Angie loved waking up to daylight and preferably sunshine, so she never bothered closing the curtains.

Angie sat at the desk, her naked side visible to anyone who cared to look, and continued where she left off at work. As she searched the battle was continuing in her brain and after a while she stopped searching and went to one of the few erotic story sites that she knew of and searched there for ‘naked in public’.

It didn’t take long for her to find stories and as she read she imagined herself as the girl who was the star of the story and she started using her left hand to scroll down the pages, her right hand being busy rubbing her pussy.

For the first time ever, Angie had 3 orgasms on the same day.

Finally deciding that she should go to bed, she got to her feet, looked at the window and realised that she was naked and that anyone in the houses opposite would be able to see her. Angie surprised herself again by not panicking and actually looking at the houses to see if anyone was looking her way.

Surprising herself again, she realised that she was disappointed that no one was looking her way.

Angie cleaned her teeth and went to bed. For the first time ever, not wearing anything to sleep in. As she lay there waiting to go to sleep she wondered what was happening to her.


Angie woke when the alarm went off and was and wasn’t surprised to find her legs wide open and her hand on her quite wet pussy. She tried to remember her dreams but she couldn’t. Getting up she put on her robe and went to the bathroom.

After her shower Angie again surprised herself by walking back to her room naked and carrying her robe. She wasn’t too worried about her housemates because this year she was usually up long before her housemates.

As she got dressed for work Angie looked in her underwear drawer. As she put her bra on she made a rash decision and closed the drawer with her knee, not getting out any knickers.

It was a very strange, but nice feeling as Angie walked to the bus stop. She took some comfort knowing that her skirt was knee length.

Angie was still feeling naughty but nice half way through the morning when Mr. Whitelock called her into his office.

“Good morning Angie, how are you today?”

“Good thank you sir.”

“Have you managed to find anything that might indicate that that law has been repealed?”

“No sir.”

Angie then went on to list all the places that she had researched.

“Good Angie, you’ve looked in all the places that I can think of. I’ve heard back from the expert in historic law and he agrees with my interpretation of the wording. The law may have been intended just for slave women but the way that it’s worded means that any woman can go naked wherever she wants.

With you not having found anything that repealed the law It would appear that it is still legal for all women to be naked anywhere in this country. Of course any sort of lewd behaviour or public indecency would come under a different law but in the case that I am defending there was no such behaviour so I’ll give you the rest of the day to see if you can uncover anything, then tomorrow I’ll phone the client and give him the good news.

Oh Angie, the client’s daughter is called Lucy Waterman and I believe that she goes to the same university as you.”

“Wow, yes, I know Lucy, I didn’t realise that she was an exhibitionist.”

“Well, it’s looking like she will be able to practise her passion without any repercussions. You too if you want.”

“I don’t think so sir.” Angie replied but in her brain she wondered what it would be like to be naked and seen by thousands of people.

“Sir, have you any idea why King George III would have sanctioned a law that was aimed at just women? It seem so biased against women.”

“You’re right Angie but nothing was fair when it came to the slave trade. Maybe King George III appreciated naked women more than naked men.”

Back at her desk Angie couldn’t really concentrate on any research, all she was thinking about was Lucy Waterman running around naked and wondering how she felt and if she (Angie) would feel the same.

By the time the end of that day arrived Angie couldn’t think of anything other than being naked in front of lots of people. She’d completely forgotten about being knickerless, apart from when she had to go to the toilet, until she stepped outside and discovered that it was a bit breezy. The breeze somehow managed to blow up her skirt and tickle her wet pussy which made it get even wetter.

When she sat on the bus her hands were holding her bag on her lap and pressing against her pubes to try to stop some of the tingling in her pussy but it wasn’t working and as soon as she got to her room she stripped naked and her right hand got busy.

As Angie lay there in post orgasmic bliss she realised that her pubic hair was all damp and sticky.

“Hmm, lots of girls get rid of all this don’t they?” Angie thought, “I wonder if guys would like seeing me without it?”

Without even thinking about it Angie grabbed her wash bag and a towel and walked to the bathroom. Half way there she met one of her housemates, a girl.

“Have you become a nudist Angie?” Eva said.

“Oh shit no,” Angie replied and wrapped the tower around her. “I guess I forgot. Hey Eva, did you know that it’s legal for women to be naked anywhere that they want?”

“Cool, but that can’t be right, I’m forever reading about girls having got arrested for showing too much skin, even that girl Lucy Waterman got arrested for streaking that football game.”

“Yes, I know, I shouldn’t be telling you this, client privilege and all that, but I work for the lawyer who is defending her and I’ve discovered a law dating back to the times of George III that says that all women can go naked anywhere that they want. It’s going to be her defence and she’s going to get off the charge.”

“Oh yes, you’re a law student. So you could give me that towel and walk right outside and all round the streets and you wouldn’t be breaking the law?”

“That’s right but I’m not going to do that, well not today. Hey Eva, don’t go saying anything about this to anyone yet, wait until Lucy had gone to court and the judge agrees that she wasn’t breaking the law. The press will probably pick up on it and indirectly tell the whole country that women can wander around naked without fear of getting arrested.”

“Okay Angie, will do, so are you going to go around naked then?”

“Of course not.”

“Just around this house then. Justin and Matt will like that.”

“Ha, not much chance of that happening.”

“Are you sure Angie, I meant you did leave your room naked?”

“No, not going to happen Eva, I’m just going for a shower.”

“That’s what they all say Angie.”

Angie did have a shower then she shaved herself everywhere below her neck. She’d never shaved her pussy before and it felt quite strange but at the same time nice. As she dried herself she ran her hand over her bald pussy and it started tingling. Throwing the towel over her shoulder she went back to her room not seeing any of her housemates. She discarded the towel and her wash bag then looked at herself in the mirror.

“Wow,” Angie thought, “I look so young. I can see why men like shaved girls. Look, I can see my clit, I don’t want any man to see that, well not yet. Why did I think that last bit? I only want my boyfriend to see that, when I get one.”

Then Angie turned to face the window and thought,

“Look guys, I’ve got nothing on.”

Then Angie realised what she’d just done and jumped to one side of the window.

“Oh my gawd, what am I doing? Did anyone see me?”

Angie slowly leant over so that she could see round the side of the curtain.

“Shit, there’s a man looking this way, did he see me?” Angie thought.

Then she did another thing that part of her thought was stupid, very stupid. She stepped in front of the window again and looked over to the man who was still there.

“Oh my gawd, he’s seen me.”

Angie’s heart was beating 10 times faster than normal. She really wanted to step aside, behind the curtain but her legs just wouldn’t move, neither would her arms so she couldn’t cover her tits and pussy. Okay her tits are only small and her hands can cover nearly all of them but her arms just wouldn’t move.

“Come on body.” Angie thought, “MOVE.”

The man waved at Angie then Angie’s body finally moved. But not to get away from the window, her right arm moved up and waved back at the man.

“What the hell am I doing?” Angie asked herself. “And why is my pussy feeling like I’m in the shower?”

Then things got twice as bad, another man appeared next to the first man.

“Oh gawd, MOVE, MOVE.”

Finally Angie’s legs responded and she moved behind the curtains then onto her bed.

Laying there waiting for her heart rate to slow down Angie was both terrified about what she had done, and excited so much so that she realised that she was highly aroused.

“Oh my gawd,” Angie thought as her right hand moved to her pussy, “I know what Lucy Waterman gets out of streaking, that was such a high.”

Ten minutes later Angie’s right hand moved away from her pussy and she relaxed.

Another 10 minutes later and Angie decided that she was hungry so she got up, slipped just a dress on and went to the kitchen area to prepare a meal for herself. Matt was there doing the same thing and as they worked and talked Angie wondered if Matt could tell that she was naked under her dress and that she now had a bald pussy.

A really stupid idea crossed her mind,

“Should I unfasten my dress and let Matt see me naked, ask him if he likes my body?”

Angie gave a little shudder then thought,

“Don’t be so stupid Angie.”

Meals prepared, they sat on the sofas, opposite each other, eating and talking, Angie pressing her knees together. With her dress being knee length there was no way that Matt could see up her dress, even if he had looked, but Angie wasn’t going to risk it.

Angie’s meal was less in volume than Matt’s so she was finished first but she stayed put and continued the conversation. As she talked she realised that she was relaxing a bit and that her knees were drifting apart a bit. She banged them together again, actually hurting herself.

“What the hell are you doing girl?” Angie asked herself. “You’re not an exhibitionist, stop doing things like that.”

In reality her dress was too long and she had her tray on her lap so there was no way that Matt could have seen even all of her bare knees never mind further up her legs.

When Mat finished they washed their own pots then put their pots, plates and cutlery back into their own cupboards and went back to their rooms. Angie went straight to her window and looked to see if her voyeurs, or any others, were there and part of her was disappointed that they weren’t.

After doing a couple of chores Angie got ready for bed and for only the second time in her life went to bed totally naked. It was still early and she couldn’t sleep so she got her laptop and started reading more stories about girl exhibitionists.


When Angie woke up and moved a little, her laptop display burst into life displaying the story about a girl in a bar talking to a group of men, the girl being totally naked. She bookmarked the webpage thinking that she’d finish the story some other time.

Then she realised that she was leaving wet marks on the laptop’s keyboard. She looked at her hand and saw that it was wet. She remembered that her hand had been on her pussy when she woke up.

“Jeez girl,” Angie thought, “did you rub one out during your sleep?”

Angie shook her head to erase the thought, properly shutdown her laptop then got up and plugged the charger in.

Bathroom time and again Angie just grabbed her towel and wash bag and left her room being confident that all the other housemates were still fast asleep. As she did her daily routine she added her pussy to the list of tasks and decided that she liked her new look.

She again walked naked back to her room then had to decide what to wear. It was going to be a dress again but what to wear underneath it. Angie knew that she should wear knickers and a bra but she’d gone commando the previous day and actually enjoyed it so it was going to go commando again.

Angie turned to face the mirror and cupped her breasts. They are small enough for her to get just about all of them in her hands and she moved them up and down as much as they would go, which wasn’t very much. Confident that they wouldn’t be bouncing up and down more than a tiny bit as she walked, Angie decided to go without a bra and knickers for the day and see how it went.

She thought back to her time at home with her parents and remembered her mother telling her that good girls always wore a bra to make sure that her nipples weren’t making little tents in her tops. Angie looked at her nipples that were soft and decided that tenting nipples wouldn’t be a problem with the dress that she’d chosen to wear that day especially as it was warm in the office where she worked.

As Angie walked to the bus stop she felt the air flowing passed her bare, bald pussy and it started her pussy tingling a little bit. She also realised that, although her breasts weren’t bouncing about they were moving a little as she walked and she could feel her nipples rubbing against the material of her dress and that was contributing to the tingling.

As she always does, Angie stopped at a coffee shop between getting off the bus and arriving at work to get her daily caffeine fix and as the barista was serving her she noticed that instead of looking at her eyes he was looking at her chest. She blushed a little but there was nothing that she could do. When she got out of the shop she looked down at her chest and confirmed what she suspected, the material and colour of the dress was not hiding her hard nipples.

“Thank goodness that it’s warm at work.” Angie thought as she hurried to the office building then got on with her work.

The work distraction and the warmth of the office soon made Angie forget about her choice to not wear any underwear and late that morning she got a phone call telling her to go to Mr. Whitelock’s office.

“Ah good morning Angie.” Mr. Whitelock said, “I’m definitely going ahead with the George III law as my defence and I thought that you might like to come to the court with me to follow the proceedings. It’s now an open and shut case and shouldn’t take long unless the judge decides to not take our word for it that the law hasn’t been repealed and get his team to check. If that is so he will adjourn the case for a few days whilst his team confirms our findings, or opposes them. Again, making that decision won’t take long unless his team have found something then it’s back to square one for me.”

“Thank you for the opportunity Mr. Whitelock. I’ve sat in on a court case before when one of my professors took us but actually having being involved in a case and following it through the court will be a good experience for me.”

“Right, I’ll give you a shout at 1 o’clock and we can walk over.”

Angie was excited, her first involvement in a case in court. Okay it should be a short one but it was still a live court case that she was involved in. She went back to her desk and wrote on a piece of paper the URL of the webpage where she’d found the George III document, and the URLs of all the legal document websites that she’d searched to try to find any reference to the law. Happy that she was prepared for anything that could happen Angie left her desk and went to get herself a sandwich for lunch.

Just about everyone in the law firm go to a little sandwich shop close to the office building and as Angie was walking there one of the male junior lawyers who was going to the shop asked her how she was. This was the first time that this man had said anything to her other than ‘good morning’ and Angie was quite surprised until she saw where his eyes were looking.

“Oh my gawd,” Angie thought, “I should have worn a bra.”

But at the same time she felt some tingling and moisture between her legs. Her thoughts continued,

“Him looking at my nipple tents is turning me on, what would it be like if I was naked?”

Angie didn’t get the chance to continue her thought along that line because they arrived at the shop and the man held the door open for her. They continued talking while they got served, and on the way back to the office. As they walked Angie could feel that her nipples were rock hard and tingling a bit, just like her pussy was. She thought,

“If him seeing my tenting nipples makes him talk to me what would he do if he knew that I wasn’t wearing any knickers. And what would he do if I was naked, after all, I’m legally entitled to be naked.”

With a smile on her face Angie went back to her desk to eat her sandwich.

At 1 o’clock Angie was waiting outside Mr. Whitelock’s office and as they walked down the street Mr. Whitelock said,

“Angie, you look a lot more radiant today, have you done your hair differently?”

“No sir, but I am happy to be coming to court with you.” Angie replied and wondered if he was actually referring to her tenting nipples that had gone to attention as soon they had got outside the office building.

Angie smiled and had a similar thought back to when she was walking back from the sandwich shop.

In the court building they waited outside the court room where the case would be heard. They’d only been there a couple of minutes when Angie saw Lucy Waterman and, presumably, her father walk up to them. After introductions Mr. Waterman said,

“I hope that you have some good news for us Mr. Whitelock.”

“Yes Mr. Waterman, with a lot of sterling work by my intern here there is an excellent chance that when this case is over Lucy will have had the charges against her dropped.”

Mr. Whitelock then went on to tell the 2 Waterman’s how Angie had spent days searching through a mountain of legal documents and found some forgotten law that will help Lucy and probably thousands of other women; and probably create a lot of work in the courts over-turning thousands of judgements.

Whilst the 2 men were talking Angie had noticed that Lucy had a very nervous look on her face.

“Relax Lucy,” Angie said, “I’m sure that everything is going to be okay.”

“Easy for you to say, but thanks.”

Soon they were called into the court and the trial started. The prosecution told their case and Angie discovered that Lucy had indeed been running naked across a football pitch whilst a big game was going on and that there had been thousands of people watching. The police hadn’t managed to catch Lucy until she was attempting to run out of one of the exits.

As the story was being told Angie felt tingling in her nipples and pussy. Not because she fancied seeing Lucy naked, because she was imagining herself being in Lucy’s shoes as she was committing the non-crime.

Then Mr. Whitelock got to his feet and announced that the case should never have been brought to the court and that the police were wrong in arresting Lucy for that offence. He added that the document that was at that moment being passed to the judge, and a copy to the prosecution, would vindicate Lucy and the many women that had been wrongly prosecuted for being naked in public.

The was a few minutes silence as the judge read the document then he finally spoke and said,

“Well Mr. Whitelock this document is quite a find. If I’m reading it right it would appear that George III did make it legal for women of all ages to be naked anywhere. Obviously I will need to authenticate this and make sure that it has never been repealed but if your findings are correct then I agree with you, there is no case to answer. I’m adjourning this case for 1 week.”

As they was leaving the court room Angie heard the prosecution lawyer say,

“Well Mr. Whitelock if this is genuine it is quite a find for women’s liberation.”

Angie smiled.

Outside the court room Mr. Whitelock and Mr. Waterman talked and so did Angie and Lucy.

“Was it you that found that old law Angie?”

“Yes it was but Mr. Whitelock will take all the credit.”

“Well I for one are really grateful to you, we must meet up sometime and talk.”

“Yes, we must, I have a couple of questions for you that I can’t ask you here.”

The girls exchanged numbers then Mr. Waterman thanked Angie and they left leaving Mr. Whitelock and Angie to walk back to the office.

Once outside Angie again felt her nipples harden and gently rub against the material of her dress with the resultant tingling. There was a gently breeze that found its way up Angie’s skirt making the tingling increase.

As they walked they talked and Mr. Whitelock said,

“The outcome is going to be good Angie, you did good work.”

“But I just could have missed something sir.”

“I don’t think so, you see you are an intern and no good law firm relies solely on the work of an intern so I had one of the junior lawyers search for any trace of a repeal and he found nothing too, so good work Angie.”

At first Angie was a bit miffed that he hadn’t trusted her but when she thought about it she realised that it was a sensible move on his part.

Back at the office Angie got on with her work and left at the normal time. The breeze had got quite strong and had turned into a bit of a summer storm. Angie hadn’t taken a jacket or umbrella with her and she just knew that she was going to get wet. Never-the-less it was relatively warm so she carried on walking to the bus stop.

When she got there she noticed a couple of young men staring at her chest. When she looked down she saw that the front of her dress was plastered to her chest and the thin material was clinging to every little curve. She could clearly see that shape of her breasts and rock hard nipples.

Angie’s first reaction was embarrassment and shame but that quickly disappeared and turned to arousal when she saw the lustful expressions on the young men’s faces. She took a deep breath which thrust her chest out at the young men. And the tingling was back.

Angie couldn’t stop herself wondering what the young men would think if her dress was suddenly to disappear and they’d confirmed that there was no bra and no knickers as well. And that thought increased the level of tingling.

Angie’s body heat had partially dried her dress by the time that she got off the bus but it soon got wet again as the storm hadn’t abated and she was literally dripping wet when she got to the house.

As soon as she got to her room it was off with the dress and towelling down. As she was doing the latter she looked out of her window and again saw the same man looking at her from his room. Angie waved at him and carried on towelling down, making sure to thrust her chest forward when she dried her back and spreading her legs to dry her pussy that was two kinds of wet.

When she was dry she waved at the man again then wrapped the towel around herself before putting her wet dress in the laundry hamper. Angie needed a hot drink so she went to the communal kitchen wearing just the towel only to find Justin and Eva there, both about to eat their meals. Angie made herself a hot drink then went and sat on one of the sofas opposite the sofa that both Eva and Justin were sat eating off their trays.

They talked about lots of things but nothing that interesting then after a while Justin got up, went and washed his pots them went to his room.

“Angie,” Eva said, “I know that you’re thinking about turning into a nudist but did you know that for the last half hour or so that you’ve been flashing your pussy to Justin?”

“Oh my gawd, I haven’t have I? Why didn’t you say something””

“Yes Angie, you have, and I didn’t say anything because I thought that it might be your way of getting the guys used to seeing you naked. You did keep opening your knees for him to get a better look at you.”

“Oh shit, what’s he going to think of me? And you got that wrong Eva, I never said that I was thinking about becoming a nudist, just that girls can go anywhere they want naked.”

“But you’re going to be going around here naked aren’t you Angie? I can just see you walking to the bus stop naked or going to the pub or club wearing nothing but heels.”

“No I am not and I won’t be going anywhere naked.”

“I think that you are a closet exhibitionist Angie, why else would you be out here wearing just a towel and flashing your pussy to Justin?”

“You know why I’m just wearing a towel and I never intended to sit down and talk to you guys, you kept me talking.”

“You keep believing that Angie, me and Justin know different. Hey, Justin and Matt said that they’re going to the pub on Friday, I’m going with them are you going to come with us? Clothing is optional for you.”

“Grrrrrrrr. I’m going to my room.”

“Hang on a minute Angie.” Eva said as they both stood up.


Eva reached over and pulled the towel off Angie leaving her totally naked.

“Hey, get off, what did you do that for?”

“Just helping you realise what’s trying to escape from inside you.”

“Grrrrrrrr.” Angie said and stormed off to her room with the towel in her hand.

“Told you.” Eva shouted after her.

Back in her room Angie didn’t bother putting any clothes on and looked out of the window, subconsciously hoping that the man would be looking her way again but he wasn’t so she did some tidying then got on her bed and started reading exhibitionist stories again.

Angie found herself being jealous of most of the girls in the stories and couldn’t really understand why. Before a week or so ago she had never even considered the possibility of exposing her naked body to men but here she was wishing that she was in the situations that the girls in the stories were in.

And what’s more she was feeling really good about it.

Angie went to sleep toying with her clit after bringing herself to a very satisfying orgasm.


The rest of the working week was pretty uneventful. Each day Angie went to work underwearless, in fact she’s decided that her underwear drawer was becoming redundant and she considered emptying it into the trash can but she decide that that may be a bit premature.

That junior lawyer, Andy, just happened to be going to the sandwich shop at the same time as Angie each day and she wondered whether or not he was slowly building up to try to hit on her, or maybe he was just attracted to her chest but doubted that because her breasts are only small. She’d seen that she’d had nipple tents quite often but that had stopped embarrassing her and she now thought nothing of it.

On the Friday evening Angie did go out with her housemates and in the pub Eva started going on about Angie becoming a nudist. Unsurprisingly, Angie was embarrassed and denied it but Eva wouldn’t stop, even telling the guys when she’d seen Angie on her trips to the bathroom. Then Eva embarrassed Justin as well by saying that Angie had deliberately flashed her pussy to him on the Monday evening.

Fortunately, Matt told the other 3 to just stop it and change subject, but he added,

“Angie, if you feel that you want to live the life of a nudist, even just in the house, you can and none of us will complain or take the piss, WILL WE Eva, Justin.”

“Thank Matt, but I have no intention of becoming a nudist.” Angie said.

“Been to any good football matches Angie?” Eva said.

“Eva, stop it, NOW.” Matt said.

“Sorry, anyone fancy going clubbing?” Eva said.

No one did and they started talking about something completely different.


Over the weekend Angie went for her usual gym session at the university’s gym. Normally she wore a sports bra under a white tank top and some lycra booty shorts under a white tennis skirt but this time she decided to leave the sports bra and the lycra shorts back in her room. When she was getting changed she started to think that she’d made a mistake, firstly her nipples were erect and tenting her tank top, and secondly, her tennis skirt was a lot shorter than her work skirts and dresses.

Angie didn’t want to miss her exercise session so she decided to carry on but being careful not to flash her butt or pussy to anyone.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, dependent upon which side of Angie’s brain you are talking to, Angie soon discovered just how much and often her lycra shorts has been on show and therefore how often her bare butt and pussy were being displayed. Another fortunately or unfortunately for Angie was that most of the time she didn’t realise what she was displaying.

Needless to say that the virile young men in the workout room quickly spotted what Angie was showing and no matter which machine she went to there was always 3 or 4 guys exercising close to her feet.

When Angie first realised how often she was putting on a show she had a quick panic and for a few minutes she kept her knees firmly together but it didn’t take long for to to realise that accidentally showing her goodies was actually turning her on and she started to relax, ignore and actually enjoy her ‘accidents’.

Even when she was doing her floor exercises and yoga poses she carried on the same way as she always did.

Just as she was finishing her routine a guy on his back on a bench was lifting weights and he asked Angie if she would spot him while he tried to break his weight record. Angie knew what ‘spotting’ was but didn’t really think when she agreed to help him.

It was only when she was stood by his head and she saw the direction that his eyes were looking that she realised that he was looking up the front of her skirt.

“Oh shit,” Angie thought but for some reason she didn’t move. Instead she shuffled her feet further apart then willed her heart to slow down.

For a good 2 minutes the guy had an unobstructed view of Angie’s slightly spread pussy which was getting wetter by the second.

After Angie realised what she was showing him, she realised that her eyes were looking at the same area of his body that he was looking at her. In spite of the guy using all his energy to lift the weights a bulge was starting to appear in his shorts. Angie thought,

“Wow, am I really causing that? Maybe I should come to the gym dressed like this more often.

Angie left that gym a lot happier about her body than when she went in.